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Maximize the benefits of anhydrous ammonia and dry fertilizer banding with our ZML Razor fertilizer applicator. Built for operations big or small. Ensure you get the job done, even in the tightest timeframes with our quality built units.
🌾 Why Choose Anhydrous Ammonia?
🌱 High Concentration (82% Nitrogen): More valuable nutrients for your plants.
💧 Extended Availability: Bonds to soil moisture for a longer nutrient supply.
Explore the features, benefits, and the difference that the ZML Anhydrous Ammonia Injector can make in your farming operation.

1. Durable Construction: Our injector is built tough, ready to tackle the demands of every season and the most challenging terrains. We understand that durability is non-negotiable when it comes to your equipment.

2. In-Cab Adjustability: Experience ease like never before. With in-cab adjustability, fine-tune your application precisely to your needs. Farming is a dynamic process, and we’ve designed our equipment to adapt to your requirements on the fly.

3. Excellent Coverage, Maximum Nutrient Retention: Keep your nutrients where they belong—in the ground. Our injector ensures excellent coverage, optimizing nutrient absorption for healthier crops and a more efficient farming process.

4. Designed with Farmers and Industry Experts: At ZML, we believe in collaboration. Our Anhydrous Ammonia Injector is a result of hands-on input from farmers like you and insights from industry experts. We understand the field because we’re farmers at heart, and innovators in action.

Call us today to see what Razr can do to maximize yields on your operation.