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Manufacturing manure equipment at a price you can afford

Grow your crops with confidence with premium-quality, high-performance farm manure equipment from Zimmerman Manufacturing. We produce innovative, durable machinery that’s capable of boosting productivity by maximizing efficiency. Our job is to make your job easier with solutions customized to your exact needs.

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Farm Equipment

Placing nitrogen in the ground efficiently is essential to your livelihood and production capabilities. What we do is make it easier to accomplish this task with less odor and disruption to your land. Every piece of ag equipment we sell and manufacture is built to last. All of our equipment are prepared with the highest quality standard in mind and careful attention to even the smallest details, from the hoses and fittings to the toolbars.

Customized Builds

Customized Builds

Do you need a tool bar for a specific type of manure spreader? Do you want something that can handle multiple rows more efficiently? As farm equipment manufacturers, let us know what you need, and we’ll customize it to your specific requests.

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Low Cost of Ownership

Because of the quality that goes into our work, you’ll likely enjoy long-term value and a low cost of ownership with our equipment and products. Our focus on durability often means our manure injection systems and accompanying accessories and parts will require less maintenance and service. Ultimately, this means you’ll be making a smart investment by turning to Zimmerman Manufacturing for your equipment needs.

About Zimmerman Manufacturing

We build custom high-quality, environmentally friendly manure hauling equipment and related accessories designed to meet client-specific needs and requirements. If you want Farm equipment that’s a step above the cookie-cutter variety, look no further than Zimmerman Manufacturing, we are the farm equipment manufacturers for the job. Whether you’re a manure hauling contractor, or you have a smaller family farm or a larger commercial farm with hundreds of acres and multiple rows, we’ll provide the custom-made equipment you need to feed and enrich your soil. You’ll be working with an experienced team that’s committed to exceptional customer satisfaction. As one of our clients, you can expect:

Products we sell, manufacture, and customize include:

  • Drag toolbars and tank toolbars for any make or model
  • Tank tool bars
  • Row units
  • Even-flow distributors
  • Counter king swivels
  • Complete manure injection systems
  • Hoses and fittings
  • Accessories for dragline and tank applications
  • High gallon injector
  • Manure Tanks
  • Manure Spreaders