Zimmerman Manufacturing Equipment

At Zimmerman Manufacturing, our goal is to produce top-quality farm equipment products that make it easier to add nutrients to soil. We offer customized, innovative solutions designed with maximum productivity, durability, and value in mind. Our farm equipment are also crafted to minimize issues with odor and make the manure spreading and nitrogen injection process as smooth as possible from start to finish.

Contour King ST Logo

Introducing The New Contour King ST

Zimmerman Manufacturing LLC has developed a solution for managing residue without destructive tillage. The best berm builder on the market. Eliminate the challenges of compaction and high-residue environments that result in uneven seedling emergence. Maximize efficiency during the early stages of plant growth while minimizing the effect on the environment.

The Red Viper Row Unit

Our Red Viper Unit manure spreader was designed for both low and high gallon users. The Red Viper is capable of covering 20,000 plus GPA, while doing it with very little disturbance to the soil. Our individual closer disc helps with clogging in wet and heavy residue soil. Our goal is to inject and cover your manure for maximum nutrient intake.

  • Individual flexing closer disc
  • Adjustable down pressure on closure wheels
  • Individual row swivel
  • 10” of hydro flex travel
  • Heavy duty greaseless bearing
  • Spacing: 24″ or 30″

Top-Quality, Customized Toolbars for Row Units

We can create customized toolbars for your row units. Some of our customers prefer a toolbar with contour king swivels to effectively handle 30° contours, while others prefer a toolbar that offers improved precision for applications in uneven terrain.

Need something other than standard equipment? Let us know what type of tank or dragline bar you need and we’ll manufacture or modify equipment that’s just right for your unique needs and soil conditions. Zimmerman Manufacturing is also your trusted source for many of the other products and accessories necessary you’ll need for fast, efficient applications, including:

  • Row units
  • Tank toolbars and drag toolbars
  • Manure spreaders and complete manure injection systems
  • Manure injection systems related parts
  • Hoses, fittings, and dragline and tank application accessories
  • Even-flow distributors
Equipment 12 row drag bar

Toolbars for Any Environment

Our tank toolbars and drag toolbars do more than just look good on your equipment. Zimmerman Manufacturing toolbars are designed to handle even the most challenging environments with ease. Specifications include a 3/8″ wall, 7×7 tubing, and a wings hinge on a 2 1/2″ pin. Our toolbars are coated in chemical resistant powder to further minimize corrosion.

Satisfying Your Needs

Whatever you need for your farming equipment or manure hauling needs, count on Zimmerman Manufacturing to come through for you. Contact us today for more information on our equipment, accessories, services, and prices.